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So What's Up?

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After A Full Year Of Re-Organizing & A Lot Of Work...

... things started to fit as a puzzle. When I decided to close down all public services of eyce in the last month of 2016 a lot had changed from the first unofficial days of eyce back in 2002. In 2002, the original idea was to bring together creatives with different skills in a creative / hub / network. When officially launching in 2003 most effort was made in the design & online spheres. Through the years however, eyce shifted more & more towards a full service design & marketing solution provider, and so naturally in the end, towards in-house & external consultancy.

As I felt the original concept & approach were not inline anymore with the current products & services. It was time to organize, adapt & adjust to the new age and to revive the original spirit and intention of eyce. So the decision was made to temporarly close all public services of eyce and transform all up-to-date core services I personally deliverd through consultancy into vägt, an indipendent art direction & marketing strategy consultancy. This created an opportunity & new air to breath. Now, we"re back, back to the roots as eyce was intended. A collective / network / hub of creatives generating effective concepts in the creative market.

So What Can You Contact Eyce Creative Lab For?
Eyce Creative Lab Offers you creative solutions thanks to a network of specialists, all connecting through their position they take within different creative production processes. Because we believe the future is in agile consultancy via specialists for small & big brands. When adjusted to each other they can act like an agile alternative for a classically structured agency. This way you can reduce your overhead and effectively direct your marketing efforts. Since we believe productize is the way to go, we try to consilidate partnerships into effective joint initiatives, productizing certain services in answer to a tangible market demand. This from within each specialist's market experience.

Partnerships & Joint Initiatives

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Creative Engine

Design & Marketing Consultant
In-house & external design & marketing consultant with 14 years of experience. If you need art direction, looking for 360° campaign solutions, help with go to market challenges or fresh input on your strategy, Vägt is your man! Vägt is the creative engine behind eyce creative lab since 2003. Visit the site for more info.

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Jessica Boutsen Photographer
Jessica Boutsen is an experienced photographer & a supplier on different former eyce projects, it was time to consilidate this collaboration in a partnership. From editorial, over fashion to commerical studio work. You can rely on a qualitive solution when you hire Jessica. Be sure to visit her website to discover all solutions she can provide.

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Joint Initiative

Wedding, Engagement & Baby Photography
Goldmarri is the first joint initiative by eyce, created in collaboration with partner Jessica Boutsen. Goldmarri aims to deliver you a high quality photography service for your special moments such as; weddings, engagements & births. Visit the site and get an idea on how to treasure your most precious moments.

Want to be part of the creative lab by being a partner or do you have a creative concept you need help with? Scroll down to contact!

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